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Is your family going through a separation?

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Fairhaven counselling service enabled me to talk openly to a counsellor in a safe environment. I felt respected, accepted, understood and cared for as an individual. I was not in a good place at that time; there were issues of anger, shame, guilt and confusion.

Our priority is to empower you and your family

Our mission is to work with families enabling them to rebuild their lives through the journey of family separation and to empower them to move forward.  We achieve this through our Family Dispute Mediation model and our Counselling services.

Our vision is families with healthy communication and respect for all members

Who is Fairhaven?

WA Fairhaven is a not-for-profit service; the vision of such a service was born out of the personal life experience of Dina-Marie Mitchell over 25 years ago. When faced with separation and divorce 25 years ago her situation ended at the Family Court of WA in a custody battle of four innocent children.

Over the last 25 years, her journey as domestic, carer, chaplain, pastoral carer, refuge worker, counsellor, coordinator, group facilitator, Accredited FDRP (with a registration number), manager and professional excellence advisor has been a lengthy but continuous, reflective journey. Through twists and turns, often at times juggling too much, searching for sense in many nonsensical areas of life, her search brought her to meaning and purpose. There were defining moments, learning from mistakes and experiences with movement from submission to aggressive to assertive. 

Now Dina Marie’s vision is to stand alongside other parents faced with separation issues. The growing team at WA Fairhaven share this vision and are focused on making a difference.

frequently asked questions

The children are always the primary focus. Mediation is less costly, less stressful and much quicker than going to court. At mediation, you get a chance to discuss your point of view in a safe, neutral and confidential setting. You have the control of the decisions that are affecting you and your children. Parties get the opportunity to work together to better co-parent in the future.

You have someone to listen to you and guide you forward. A place to reflect and make important decisions about your future. We have counsellors available every day.

Before mediation, the confidentiality is set out in a mediation agreement prepared by the mediator and signed by the parties to the mediation at, or prior to the mediation. If the matter is before the court, the Magistrate is not informed of the contents of the mediation. It is also usually unable to be used against a party if the case goes to trial.

No wait time, counsellors available each day We are person centred and have a holistic model. Supportive, non-judgmental, & professional service. You do not need to carry your challenges alone, we are here to walk by your side.

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